​​Hello! My name is Sharon Strickland, the owner and photographer of Wild Saffron Photography. My business is veteran-owned. I served in the Marine Corps for four years as a firefighter and currently work full-time for the government as a budget analyst. I have 15 plus years of photography experience, which started while I was in graphic arts in eleventh grade. I was known as the darkroom queen, which I proudly acclaimed. The Pentax K-1000 was my first love, and quality time was spent developing black and white film and prints. I had a colorful filter kit that allowed me to create amazing landscapes and even some interesting self-portraits, while shooting in color. Even as a little girl, I always carried around a 110 camera and polaroid to capture every day memories. Along with photography, art and drawing was always a part of my life. 

My dream was to become the next National Geographic photojournalist! I envisioned myself traveling and capturing amazing beauty across the globe but when I graduated high school, I was advised to be practical. I was told I cannot make a living doing art, so I went to college for a biology degree instead. I switched my focus to economics, which led me down the path of becoming a budget analyst for the government. All of my life, my intuition told me that I AM an artist, photographer and writer. This was my destiny. I chose to ignore my desire and follow certainty instead. Yes, I am sure I would be a famous photographer by now if I had chosen a different path but I am truly grateful for where I am now because I would not have met all the people in my life and had the experiences I have had. I would be a totally different person if I changed my path.​

My purpose in life is to empower all through photography, and to show each person how amazing they are on every level. I have an artistic eye that cannot be taught; it is instilled within me. My mantra is to make a difference in the world and make people smile and laugh. I am here to empower, love and honor all that ask me to be a part of their transformation. Whether you are looking for boudoir photos for your significant lover or yourself or want to capture gorgeous portraits of you and your family, I am here to be a part of your journey. I am not here to sell you one package and move on. My desire is to create a lasting friendship over a lifetime. 

About Sharon

Photo Credit: Shane Evans, Deep Digital Photography

Photo credit: Christa Meola

Photo Credit: Christa Meola

Since I was a little girl, I lived and breathed art.
Through creativity, vivid imagery and drawing, I was able to escape.
Art was my haven
from the drudgery and darkness of my childhood.
As I developed from a young girl into a young woman, I found
refuge in photography and painting.
I studied light and shadows, the power of color, and
the brilliant landscapes of the human body.
Photography is light.

It heals and transforms fears into passion and endless possibilities.

I am in love with the intricate details of the world around me,
 and through JOY, LOVE, LIGHT and LAUGHTER,
 I will help transform ALL human beings into seeing their ultimate truth and beauty.
Together we will REVEAL your true beauty, as you are.
I will edify and empower YOU.